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Hello there. 👋 My name is Michael Strobel

I Facilitate Solutions, Craft Pixels & Influence Experiences

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Michael Strobel

About Me

I‘m a Fort Worth based Product/UX Designer with ten years experience conceptualizing and crafting digital products.

Through that time, no matter the project, I’ve found that there are two constants that determine a successful project; collaboration and user input. If not directly, then indirectly through a multitude of project “hacks” that can achieve the same results. As long as all involved are iterating towards the same goal, and said goal is beneficial for the person actually using it, your project will be amazing.

Currently, I’m on the e-commerce team at Pier 1 working to strategically solve business objectives while also creating ideal experiences for our customers.

Previously, I was at First Command Financial Planning firm and a freelance contractor before that. At both stops I served in a designer role, facilitating concepts, prototyping, and crafting beautifully functional UIs with a little bit of html/css work thrown in good measure.